Jake is an actor, model, producer, and an ISSA certified personal trainer. He has shot in several feature films. He is currently staring in the film "Open" that was written from the writers of "Cake". He also starred in another film that will be released mid-2016 called "Killer Waves". Jake has been a part of the Hawke and Co. modern explorer clothing campaign that is currently being advertised on all Virgin America flights. Jake produced and directed a pilot that has recieved a lot of attention called the Ultimate Workout Quest. He has appeared in the Hunger Games Mocking Jay, Part 2 and on Law and Order SVU. He has starred in commercials for Hawke and Co, Errea Sports Apparel, and more. He has also walked the runway during fashion week in New York City. Jake grew up in Albany, New York. After his baseball career ended he fully commited to acting, modeling, producing and personal training.